Which wash is best for your vehicle?

Different driving conditions and changing seasons call for different types of washes. Salty roads in winter mean an underbody wash is vital in protecting the critical underside of your vehicle. During the hot summer, you’ll find regular applications of Carnauba Hot Wax blanket your vehicle to protect against bird droppings, trees, acid rain, and even the sun.

No matter the wash, we guarantee you’ll leave with a vehicle that’s clean, dry, and shiny.

Single Wash Price / Membership Price per Month

Ultimate Wash $17 / $32.99
Includes Everything Plus:

  • Clean Shield
  • Tire Shine (Optional)
  • Carnauba Hot Wax
  • Free Vacuums
  • Unlimited Self Serve (Chesterfield Location)
  • Lava Foam

Good Wash $13 / $22.99
Includes Basic Wash Plus:

  • Rim Cleaner
  • Underbody Rinse
  • Triple Foam
  • Bug Prep
  • Hot Air Dry

Basic Wash $9 / No Memberships Offered

  • Pre-Soak
  • Rinse