Can Clean View wash your vehicle?

We work hard to provide our customers with the best technology available to guarantee a clean, dry and shiny vehicle, along with the peace of mind that their vehicle won’t be harmed in any way. And although we’d love to wash every vehicle, there are some we just can’t.

We would love to wash every vehicle, but in some instances, customer safety and vehicle damage is our number one priority. We work very hard to make sure every car is clean, dry, and shiny. We use state-of-the-art equipment made in the USA, but unfortunately we can’t wash every single vehicle.

Vehicles we can’t wash:

  • • Vehicles at a height greater than 72˝
  • • Vehicles wider than 70˝ from inside driver tire to outside passenger tire
  • • Trucks with beds containing fuel tanks
  • • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty, or free of any kind of debris
  • • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • • Full-size Hummers
  • • Trucks/vans with ladders
  • • Vehicles with large ladder racks
  • • Vehicles that sit 5˝ or lower to the ground
  • • Vehicles with tires wider than 12.5˝
  • • Vehicles with bike racks or any rear-mounted rack
  • • Vehicles with excessive mud

If you have any of the following, we cannot be responsible for damage that might occur and caution against going through Clean View Auto Wash.

  • • Parts of the vehicle that are loose, rusted, cracked or previously damaged
  • • Previously chipped or cracked paint
  • • Non-factory parts or modifications
  • • Power antennas
  • • Spare tire covers
  • • Ski racks
  • • The license plate housing on 2003 and 2004 Cadillac CTS models
  • • Dodge full-size truck antennas/fenders
  • • Vehicles 10 years or older
  • • Bug shield
  • • Wiper blades

Your vehicle’s safety is our number one priority.