7 Benefits of Washing Your Car Regularly

7 Benefits of Washing Your Car Regularly

Next to a house, our cars are often the most significant investment we make in our lives. So, it’s important to not only keep them looking nice – both inside and out – for appearances but also to prolong longevity! Below are seven benefits to taking your vehicle to a car wash regularly:

  1. Mental: You spend many hours inside your car – if your vehicle is clean, you will feel more organized and focused. 
  2. Preservation: A clean car can preserve your metal – especially during the winter months! A regular car wash will reduce the salt, so your metals and car don’t rust! 
  3. Conserve Water: A car wash at home uses approximately 150 gallons of water, and a car wash uses only 35 gallons.
  4. Hygienic: 80% of dog owners take their pets in the car at some point, according to AAA.  Let Clean View Auto Wash vacuums go to work. (We also have treats for your dogs!) 
  5. Safety: Dirty windows can reduce your visibility.  Clean View Auto Wash can keep them clean, including your headlights, for the best illumination. 
  6. Extension of Yourself: Impress your spouse/date/business associate and more! A clean car will provide you with more confidence, and your company will like the look! 
  7. Family Fun: Children will enjoy riding through the touchless Clean View Auto Wash.  Watch as the colors will amaze the kids, and they end up with a treat from Clean View Auto Wash. 

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